Burner Definition

Burner (noun): An elaborate mural painted by an urban artist, usually on the side of a subway or railcar.

Monday, August 29, 2011

More Artists for the Bash

Gem's Bio:
Jeremiah Navarro is a 28 year old graffiti writer out of El Paso, Texas. He has been painting murals steadily for about seven years. Painting walls has been his passion, but he has recently begin to work on canvas as a way to save his art. He is a co-founder of the annual Border Youth Silo Graffiti show that benefits the homeless shelter of El Paso.

In the words of Supher:

On my walks to school as a young boy, I found myself stopped and mesmerized at the writings written up and down my westside San Antonio neighborhood walls. Greatly influenced by the neighborhood artists, my eye gravitated to the small hip-hop community "writings" that moved me to adding my name, "Sulpher", to the same colorful stories, at the age of ten.

Soon after, I would meet the writers I admired and gain extensive artistic and stylistic training in letter structure, technique, marketing, and professionalism. Their mentorship and schooling inspired me to offer artistic and mentorship opportunities globally and locally. Such endeavors include being the Executive Producer and Founder of the internationally acclaimed Clogged Caps festival, joining hundereds of professional and inspiring graffiti artists, hip-hop musicians and dancers, community, and family together to collaborate with artists, companies and institutions throught the United States and Mexico. Besides my direct contributions to the Fine Arts, I have also influenced the arts by sitting on the Board of Directors at Blue Star Arts Complex.

With 20 years on my "wall" as a professional artist, muralist, teacher, producer and mentor, I congratulate my fellow writers and aspiring writers for continuing the art.

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