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Burner (noun): An elaborate mural painted by an urban artist, usually on the side of a subway or railcar.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Artist Added - Daniel "Weah" Anguilu Bio

Daniel Anguilu started painting graffiti at an early age. Mostly using freight trains and walls as his canvases, his art is increasingly visible around his hometown of Houston, Texas, and highly concentrated in the East End. Anguilu has been invited and traveled to many cities in the US, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Italy to paint graffiti and to participate in graffiti art exhibits. He has also visited Asia, Africa, and Central America to enrich his knowledge of pre-colonial art and the cultures in those regions.

Anguilu’s style is deeply inspired by his Mexican heritage and mostly manifests itself as large scale, aerosol murals. Anguilu strongly believes in freedom of expression and the need to use this expression to decorate public spaces. It is through this individual and group expression that we are able to expose each other to the many faces of our local and global community.

On the local scene, Anguilu has participated in group art shows at the Mexican Consulate of Houston, the Poissant Gallery, the Aerosol Warfare Gallery, and the Orange Show. He even worked on a project with Diverse Works called This Old House, and has completed pieces for Neiman Marcus and Converse as well. You can also see his work at the Houston Skate Park.

Currently, Anguilu is focusing on painting public spaces in the Houston area and working in collaboration with local business and home owners. Through his many conversations with Houstonians over the years, Anguilu has noticed that many people, whether involved in art or not, support his efforts to bring his art to our public spaces.

Check out the creation of one of his works here:

Daniel "Weah" Anguilu
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