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Burner (noun): An elaborate mural painted by an urban artist, usually on the side of a subway or railcar.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Artist Profile: Jon Booker

Born in sunny Southern California in 1977, Jon first began drawing when he was four. His father a very talented musician, opened his ears to music, which became his first passion. His uncle, Paul Booker, inspired Jon with his art. Paul experimented with a variety of artistic techniques, everything from photography, water colors, oils, to experimental abstract painting. Towards his later years Paul began an experiment with enamels which ultimately influenced Jon's life. Jon used this motivation from his uncle and created a new style based off what he observed. His uncle's artistic exploration ended with arranged statements and expressions of color, Jon's exploration is just beginning.

His foregrounds contain a variety of mediums that both titillate and tantalize the eye with the stark differences of his sustained intensity and brilliant color schemes. This has been known as his "Release Technique." Jon developed another passion, travel. His mother re-married and then relocated his sister and himself to a small, but affluent town in Israel, outside of Tel Aviv. He attended an exclusive school that began to invest time and interest in his drawings, while his family began to respect his unique skill. Jon also began traveling to the Middle East and Europe, seeing some of the world's most historic and beautiful artwork and museums. Each of these places held another fascinating type of art which furthered his artistic exploration, Graffiti.

After returning to the US , Jon spent the next ten years moving from San Francisco to Seattle and then New York. During this time he was exposed to a variety of spray can art. This form of cultural expression and art deeply affected the way Jon used to see his uncle's canvases. Jon felt it was necessary to mix his passion for abstract art with his new passion for graffiti, and then let both collide together in an abstract thought process on either wood or canvas. The early nineties found Jon a new identity, Slie. Now with a knowledge of letters and color from studying graffiti and a developed abstract thought process from his abstract paintings, Jon is very happy to share his art. Jon currently resides in Austin TX.
Gold Key Winner in Highest Art Competition in Lubbock
Have hosted artwork in Buddy Holly Art Center & the Lubbock Art Trail
Fortunate to be apart of Emerge Urban Art show and Aerossault

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