Burner Definition

Burner (noun): An elaborate mural painted by an urban artist, usually on the side of a subway or railcar.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Competition Rules

Although the artists will not be expected to submit your design for the finals, the following rules must be considered:

1) All final artwork must be designed using one or all of these themes:
-Environmental causes – recycling, conservation, sustainability, etc.
-A celebration of Austin/Texas
*Murals that do not use one of these themes will be disqualified and will not be considered for any of the cash prizes.

2) There will be a time limit of 5 hours in which to finish the piece. All artwork will be considered complete after the expiration of this time and will be judged accordingly.

3) Montana Hard Core will supply the paint for this event. Any additional paint required by the artist will be the responsibility of the artist. Balcones will provide the canvas in the form of one rail car side measuring 20ft. X 11ft. per finalist.

4) All participants must wear respirators at all times while painting throughout the duration of the competition. Participants will be required to sign a waiver in which they will assume all responsibility for their own safety during the competition.

5) All artwork must be original. It should not be adapted from any existing design or used in other competitions. In the event the design contains copyright materials, participants shall be responsible for securing all relevant and necessary permissions or license to uses these materials. Balcones Resources shall not be responsible for any infringement of copyrights or intellectual property.

6) Balcones Resources reserves the right to remove or disqualify any artwork, which in their opinion, contains malice, discrimination, profanity or is culturally insensitive.

7) The judges will be a pre-selected panel consisting of two artists and two lay person judges. The murals will be judged on the following:
o Relevance to the theme
o Creativity
o Composition
o Technique
o Use of Color

The scores will be tabulated and the winners will be announced on March 6. The cash prizes are as follows:
o First Place - $2500
o Second Place - $1500
o Third Place - $1000

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